As modellers we all get inspiration from seeing the creations of fellow enthusiasts. We encourage you to send us photos of your Wingnut Wings models and dioramas to so we can share them with others.

Please send your photos in JPG format, preferably smaller than 1MB in size and include the information below so we can share your creations with others:

  • Your name
  • Your country
  • Wingnut Wings kit number/s
  • Any comments you have on your build

We will endeavor to update this page as often as possible.

Note: By submitting material you acknowledge that Wingnut Wings LTD has authority to publish your photos as it deems appropriate.

Beginning in July 2017 a Wingnut Wings staff member will select their favourite model submitted to our Customer Models gallery from the previous month.

  1. Customer Models gallery submissions to will be considered for selection as the Favourite Model of the Month unless specifically requested not to be or are submitted by a current or former Wingnut Wings staff or family member.
  2. Only Customer Models gallery images submitted to and published on the website in the previous month will be considered for selection as the Favourite Model of the Month.
  3. Only submissions that are the sole work of the credited modeller will be considered for selection as the Favourite Model of the Month.
  4. Favourite Model of the Month submissions will only be considered once, unless substantially altered for future submission (for example, as part of a large diorama etc).
  5. The Favourite Model of the Month will be selected at the beginning of each month by a Wingnut Wings staff member that will change monthly.
  6. The Wingnut Wings staff member will choose their 'favourite' Customer Models gallery submission from the previous month. This will be the submission that appeals to the staff member the most, for any reason whatsoever.
  7. The Wingnut Wings staff member's selection is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  8. A prize will be awarded for each Model of the Month and will be the selected modeller's choice of any any like-for-like model from our current range (fighter = fighter, two-seater = two-seater and two-engines = two engines etc). No monetary or credit alternative is offered.
  9. Favourite Model of the Month prize will be shipped free of charge from New Zealand with nominal value declared for export/clearance purposes. Depending on what country you live in and the tenacity of your border agents, there may be additional customs tariffs and duties, value added tax (VAT/GST) and/or other fees imposed by your government and/or mail provider. We are not responsible for these fees and they are your responsibility.