Wingnut Wings' passion is to provide accurate, highly detailed, large scale models that are as enjoyable to build for both the experienced and novice modeller alike. By designing these models to be a pleasure to build we hope to attract people unaccustomed to the satisfaction of modelling aviation's epic and tragic pioneer years.

Designed and researched by passionate professionals utilising original factory drawings whenever possible, historic and contemporary photos, information supplied by some of the worlds leading experts in their fields and working closely with The Vintage Aviator Ltd, we believe our models to be the most accurate ever produced of their subjects.

We are making models the way we have always wanted models to be made and trust you will get as much enjoyment from them as we do.

Wingnut Wings are:

Peter Jackson – Owner
Peter has had a life long interest in scale modelling and, after seeing the movie The Blue Max as a young boy, First World War aviation as well. He is very pleased to be able to share his passion for high quality scale models of First World War aircraft with like minded hobbyists through Wingnut Wings and hopes that modellers will get as much enjoyment out of these models as he does. Peter's other interests include vintage aircraft, military history, movie memorabilia and film.
Richard Alexander - General Manager
An award winning scale modeller with many years of experience in the model and hobby industry, Richard has a long term interest in military history and race cars from motor sports golden era of the '60's. He brings with him a keen eye for detail and a passion for ensuring our models are enjoyable to build no matter what your skill level is. If you have any questions about building your Wingnut Wings model, comments, requests or suggestions, Richard is contactable at Please remember that Wingnut Wings operate on New Zealand time (approx 20 hours ahead of the USA, 12 hours ahead of Europe, 3 hours ahead of Australia) and this may affect response times to your enquiry.
Tereska Lepionka-Carroll – Sales & Logistics Manager
Tereska ’s energetic enthusiasm and background in project management and as a small business owner gives her a unique insight into supply, distribution and customer relations. Tereska is fiercely proud of her Polish heritage and is highly involved with The Polish Association in New Zealand with a special interest in Polish Dance. Since starting at Wingnut Wings in December 2019 she has embraced the company culture and is looking forward helping bring you many more exciting new release models in the future. For wholesale inquiries please contact Tereska at You can also contact Tereska at Please remember that Wingnut Wings operate on New Zealand time (approx 20 hours ahead of the USA, 12 hours ahead of Europe, 3 hours ahead of Australia) and this may affect response times to your enquiry.
Bryan Wall - Product Designer
As an award winning product designer specialising in computer aided design and 3D modelling for over 10 years, Bryan is particularly interested in the ingenuity of design and the engineering evident in these early aircraft. Aside from design, Bryan is interested in a wide range of sports and music, he is a guitar player and is currently teaching himself the piano, and he also brews his own beer.
Jason McAdam - Product Designer
From an early age Jason embraced his creative side, whether it be through drawing or modelling and this was strongly grafted with a passion for transportation design, whether it be by land, air or sea. After graduating with an honours degree in Industrial Design Jason has gone on to develop his skills further in his design work for Wingnut Wings, pushing the boundaries of software technologies and applications while maintaining a keen eye for detail. This passion for design comes hand in hand with a love of sport and recreation, with motorbike riding being among the more popular of his past times.
Ronny Bar - Profile Artist
A former rock musician, Ronny Bar has had a lifelong interest in aircraft since growing up near the El Palomar Air Force Base in Buenos Aires. He started drawing and building models of aircraft soon after a flight in a T-34 Mentor trainer at the age of 10, Spitfires and Messerschmitt first... Camels and Fokkers later. After retiring from the R'n'R scene he returned to his early interest of aviation Artwork. His artwork regularly appears in journals and publications like Windsock Worldwide, Windsock Datafiles, Cross & Cockade and Over the Front. Visit Ronny's Facebook page at
Steve Anderson - Box Artist
An Artist Fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists and an avid historian of military aviation with a special interest in the aircraft and battles of the famous WW1 aces. Steve creates works that reflect scrupulous attention to historically accurate detail, from the colorful markings on the fuselages to the time of day of an actual battle. Visit Steve's website at
Darren Mildenhall - Product Designer
Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Darren harnessed his creativity by attending the School of Design, graduating with a major in Industrial design. During the degree he developed a passion for form and the aesthetic appeal of a product and how to utilise CAD software to realise and develop a concept. Joining Wingnut Wings as a 3D modeller has furthered his skill in these areas through the creation and manipulation of complex 3D forms. When not designing WW1 model aircraft, Darren enjoys graphic based art and t-shirt design, a lot of which is influenced by his interest in pop culture, typography and the retro 1950s. Outside all that, Darren is a self confessed movie buff and sports fan.
Malcolm Laird - Decal Artist
Malcolm has been in the scale model industry since 1981, first as Falcon vacform models (sold to Tore Martin in 1985) and from then on as Ventura which produced decals and short run injection moulded kitsets. He still produces his line of Ventura decals and a range of soft cover aviation books mainly with a Kiwi flavour. For a decal artist, Wingnut Wings offers the unique opportunity to draw artwork with two goals; perfect accuracy and as much detail as the printing process will allow. He is married to Judy and they have one daughter, Averil. Outside work he suffers the dual afflictions of restoring old Kawasaki motorcycles and trying to paint impressionist landscapes, with 'mixed' results so far. Visit Malcolm's web site at
Umberto 'Taffy' Figliola - Mould and Tool Coordinator
40 plus years of experience in tool making and product and tool design has not diminished Taffy's passion or sense of humour. This project has opened his eyes to the many varied designs of WW1 aircraft and the skill and courage required by the very young men to fly them.

Contact Us:

Wingnut Wings Ltd
PO Box 15-319
Wellington 6022
New Zealand

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